Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

In January 2022, Offshore Operations Limited (OOL) was contracted to complete 24 vessel technical inspections and a commercial review, as part of a pre-purchase due diligence package.

CPower Vessel Charter & Inspection

CPower contracted Colebrook Offshore (CBO) to source a suitable vessel for their project commencing October 2022 at Hollandsee Kust Zuid, a wind farm located ~18-35 kilometres off the Dutch coast in the North Sea.

The Norside Supporter, sourced by Colebrook Offshore for vessel charter with CPower

New Vessel Supervision – Mainprize Offshore

In January 2022, Mainprize Offshore contracted Offshore Operations Limited (OOL) to oversee and support the build of two multi-purpose aluminium catamarans, MO8 and MO9.